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Course Cost / Time
Initial Interview & Evaluation
(Payment is due at the time of the interview)

• Rey's Complex Figure Assessment

• Review of all pertinent academic/medical records

• Learning Potential Dynamic Assessment

• Individual Program Design
Please allow 1.5 hours for initial office interview.
Phone Consultations $375
per hour
Private Cognitive Restructuring Sessions
(includes take-home materials)

This includes two hour mediation and customized cognitive materials for rehearsal.
48 hours is required to change or cancel appointments without charge
$750 per 2 hours private session
NASA Critical Thinking Training Program
(includes take-home materials)

• Perpetuate life-long learning by exploring the meaning and practice of shifting perspectives - a key factor to influencing how others think, organize information and communicate.

• Success is seductive. It lulls us into using the same paradigm repeatedly, even when the situations and goals are different.

• Create a more nimble brain - ready to find new pathways, to connect and re-connect, create solutions where only problems once existed.

• Build the fundamental analytical skills to problem-solve in new ways, maximizing creativity and innovation.

• Teach people to be BOTH efficient (do things right) AND effective (do the right thing).

• Consistent or excessive stress (the stress that is recognized as being healthy is stress related o solving a problem or a challenge with the range of your abilities) usually limits the opportunity to generate alternatives.

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